Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley

 The Royal Victoria Hospital at Netley, near Southhampton was once, the country's largest military hospital. Its foundation stone was laid by Queen Victoria in 1856, near the end of the Crimean war. Completed in 1863, it received wounded soldiers from all over the British Empire as well as providing a site for an army nursing school.( Dr Watson, friend of Sherlock Holmes, trained there.) The hospital was particularly busy throughout the first and second world wars. It housed the first military asylum,which came into it's own treating shell shock during WW1, the poets Wilfred Owen & Siegfried Sasson were both treated there. It was demolished in 1966 after a fire damaged much of the building. Today, the Netley chapel is all that remains of this magnificent building.

The cemetery stands in woods behind the hospital

 Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley, SOUTHAMPTON

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