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 The Adams Residence has found itself embraced by the Music Biz!
U.K. Band
Skeletal Embrace has used two of our photos on their CD,
read about the band and reviews of the CD below

"Skeletal Embrace play a bone-shaking mix of death, black and trad metal which will be enjoyed by fans of all three genres"

Metal Hammer, May 2000

 "Skeletal Embrace have mastered a heavy and invigorating mix of extreme metal and blazing leads. 'A Landscape of Whorethorns' sears with energy and

Terrorizer, May 2000

Skeletal Embrace has been born out of a need for a lack of compromise. Wanting the extremity of metal required to provoke a response other than "'s quite good isn't it? You can tell there good at what they do..." from the average listener; whilst being able to embellish the music in a way previously restricted by 'band democracies' and their lack of understanding of "Chris' arty gothic bollocks."

Writing the three acts took almost a year but the results were worth the wait.

Musically I wanted a balance between the ferocity of At The Gates and the trad-metal melodies of Helloween Stratovarius and Blind Guardian, which I think live achieved. Initial comparisons to black metal have been avoided simply due to my personal experiences and tastes of that genre which live found most. disappointing.

The other banned members were persuaded/ tricked/ bribed into the banned after playing with all three in previous bands realising they were the only regional musicians known to have enough talent, ability and attitude to even learn and perform the complicated music and arrangements.

Whilst the other members' musical tastes varied to the point that some would have never even listened to this style, let alone perform and record it, the finished product you now have is unanimously agreed to be the best recording individually and collectively ever done. enhanced as recording began only three weeks after the first banned rehearsal.

I desperately want Skeletal Embrace to achieve other extreme goals.
Please help and join the ride...


Anyone who would like a free copy of this tape please send
a stamped, self-addressed envelope parcel bag to:

Skeletal Embrace
45, Blenheim Way
IP25 6XS